YOU ASKED AND WE HEARD YOU – StarLand Media is a professional photo and video package! 

A professional photographer and videographer are here to capture stunning photos and video of each performance.  You can see preview versions mere seconds after each performance.  The full high-resolution ultra-shareable versions are available within 48 hours of the competition!   


Using your phone or tablet, download or open the app Dakiki (the app is created by DanceComp Genie / Inchol Solutions) 

If you already have an account, please skip to step 2. 

If you do not have an account, create one – it is free 😊.   

  1. The “Sign up” link is in the upper right corner of the logon page.  After entering your information and verifying your email, choose “Events & Media” as the destination 
  2. After creating an account and logging into the app, in “My Events”, click on the button “Add Event” at the bottom 
  3. Click on “View all events by competition” button at the bottom 
  4. Scroll down and choose “StarLand Productions” 
  5. Choose “Videos and Photos” under the event 
  6. Under “My Dancers”, choose the “+” to add your dancer(s) 
  7. You will need your dancer’s name and birthdate as it was entered in our registration portal 
  8. If your dancer is not found, please check with your Studio Owner or a member of StarLand’s Concessions staff to verify the name spelling and birthdate  

Once the process has been completed, you will see all routines listed for your dancer.  The routine will turn Orange when the preview media is available (soon after the performance) and Green when the high-resolution final versions are available (within 48 hours of the end of the competition)